As I move on

I have been fortunate indeed to have served the NewsGuild in multiple roles over my career. I consider the Guild to be the best hope for the future of journalism and journalists, and all the other workers we represent. I worked to preserve the Guild’s identity as a bottom-up, democratic union. Please continue to fight to preserve the Guild. I thank all of you for your support over my period of leading the Guild. I am especially thankful for all of the wonderful activists I have known, learned from and worked with. It’s their spirit that always got me through. I will continue to help wherever I can in the continued pursuit of fairness, and the quest for justice. Best to you all as I move on. In solidarity, Bernie Lunzer


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Change is all around us. It’s up to us. What we do now will shape our industry for years to come.

Journalism depends on us.

Re-elect Bernie Lunzer NewsGuild-CWA President



What The NewsGuild-CWA Does

We are moving forward in a substantive way and committing resources to workers throughout North America. 

The Job of President :

  • Organizing
  • Bargaining
  • Movement Building
  • Leading within CWA
  • Advocating for Journalists


Leaders Endorse

Leaders who share Lunzer’s passion for justice and have the experience to lead – add your endorsement. Click on photo for full endorsement information. 


    This election is an opportunity to define our challenges and solutions. Despite fewer staff we’re getting the job done. We’re under the same pressures as our units. 

    Bernie Lunzer

    I know how things work at CWA and how to get things done. We’ve used strategic funds to organize and to mobilize and we get first contracts.

    Bernie Lunzer