I, We, Seek Your Support

The campaign for the NewsGuild-CWA Presidency has begun in earnest. I’ll be seeking your support and citing the reasons why the Lunzer-Needham-Waggoner ticket is the best path forward for our CWA Sector.

This is a time of great change. Our ticket has led in organizing, bargaining and supporting our members publicly. We work every day to deliver substantial resources to push back against strong forces working against us. More than anything we will use our initiatives to inspire hope amongst our members. We won’t create false hope around image and illusion.

We’ll reach out to everyone – journalists, salespeople, circulation, interpreters, social justice and staff union members – and are especially appreciative of new members who have selected The NewsGuild-CWA as the best mechanism to move forward in their workplaces and communities.

We have delivered substantial and specific resources to organizing, to get recognition and first contracts and we are succeeding.

We have brought locals together around coordinated bargaining to push back against greedy corporations. We continue to pursue better business models and alternative ownership. We must strip our products away from the hedge funds and other entities that have exploited journalism for profit.

We strongly embrace our new members and will double-down on drawing them in to the existing community. Our younger members are our future and they will soon lead the new Guild.

I say new because CWA is changing rapidly and we can’t hold on to old restrictions. I am currently championing a dialogue with other media workers in CWA – we need to build a media sector to go forward into mid-century putting the best resources forward.

Working together we can build a strong future. Marian Needham, Martha Waggoner and I will continue to work together to bolster the community and to continue to provide substantial resources and ideas – to lead the Guild forward.

We seek your support and your vote – this election is critical. See the website at buildingtheguild.org where we’ll soon be posting position papers and other information.

Best and in solidarity, Bernie Lunzer, Marian Needham, Martha Waggoner